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Leslie Mandoki

The head of the ManDoki Soulmates

Since decades drummer, singer and songwriter Leslie Mandoki is an influen-tial music producer. He cooperates with all major recordcompanies as well as the film industry and countless international stars and top-artists.

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In 1975, I managed to escape dictatorship together with my friend Laszlo Bencker I knew the music conservatory, and the young animation artist, Gabor Csupo. Ga-bor left Europe for Hollywood, establishing one of the major animation studios and creating internationally successful movies like The Simpsons, Rugrats, Duckman and Real Monsters. Laszlo and I still play together. We brought with us in our hearts the idealism of our teenage-years – the dreams and visions, the music, and art – and we still feel committed to live by that to this day.

Of course, as a musician I was not always able to play what my artist’s heart desired. But even my time as a popstar in the seventies as a frontman of Europa´s most popular pop-group “Dschingis Khan” had it upsides getting engaged inspiring encounters closing some doors and opening others, from which lifelong friendships developed.

I had the great privilege of enjoying the trust of many outstanding artists as a songwriter and producer. I started out writing songs for Amii Stewart and then Jennifer Rush, who I also produced, I created a wonderful Americana album with Joshua Kadison and had the honour of composing for and producing with Lionel Richie. My work with Chaka Khan and with the Temptations got me into the emotional world of Motown, while the musicians of Toto got me into rock and the Brecker Brothers, Al Di Meola, Mike Stern and Bill Evans into jazz, just to name a few.

A dream for all musicians, where our visions can be realized without technical limits, our studios are creative temples not just for the music industry, but also for the film studios from Bavaria to Hollywood. As well as working on the title song for one of Germany’s most successful TV exports, I am tremendously grateful to have the opportunity to work as a German Musical Director for so many exciting and ambitious film productions for Disney from ‘Mulan’ to ‘Atlantis’, as well as working with Phil Collins on the Grammy- and Oscar-winning ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Brother Bear’, and Elton John’s ‘Road to El Dorado’ for Dreamworks.

The creative spirit of the 70s, when artists strived for unlimited individuality and freedom as well as musical virtuosity, kindled a lifelong passion in me for socially and politically relevant music with real artistic ambition. After our adventures escape, at the asylum seekers refugee camp, I was asked what I would like to do here and I answered that I had come to the West to make music with my idols and musical heroes, like Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, Al Di Meola and Jack Bruce from Cream. I was able to fulfill my dream with the ‘ManDoki Soulmates’ project. This year, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. At that time we’ve produced over ten albums, with iconic legends of jazz and rock coming together to play our songs. During the years many deep-rooted friendships have developed. From time to time, we come together in the studio at Lake Starnberg, live and cook together and create new music, just like a hippy commune. Just like Jack Bruce sad, ‘when we get together, we become a band’.

We played countless concerts with the Soulmates-band, where also many other influential artists like Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Chris de Burgh, Mick Hucknall (Simply Red) and Peter Frampton got involved on stage. So I brought together a real Supergroups for the two-part TV show, ‘50 Years of Rock’.

The ship of music took us far from New York to Shanghai, from Sao Paolo to Seoul, from Los Angeles to Moscow, from London to Berlin.

A while ago, I was even on stage together with my son Gabor who was playing guitar between Steve Lukather and Al Di Meola. Today he’s a composer in many pro-jects and taking care about the production side for our company also on the road. My daughter Lara is an actress and artistically impressive, how she is making her way. Julia, my youngest daughter is a singer and quite often she shares the stage with me and my Soulmates und she’s writing beautiful songs. For all of this I feel joy and deep gratitude.

I was 16 years old when my father lost his fight against cancer. I had to promise him, that his grandchildren would never have to read censored newspapers. And his advice for me was ‘Live your dreams and don’t dream your life!’

That circle was finally closed when, after all those years, I was so privileged to play our 20th anniversary concert with my Soulmates in the Palace of Arts in my city of birth, Budapest. To stand on stage alongside legendary musicians like Jack Bruce and Al Di Meola – that was the vision I described in the refugee camp shortly after our escape 40 years ago.

When Steve Lukather and Al Di Meola said I was the ‘Hungarian Quincy Jones’, or Jack Bruce compares me with Duke Ellington, and my dear friend Ian Ander-son says I was the ‘master chief in the musical kitchen’, I’m deeply touched by these statements from my soulmates colleagues. But it’s not about me and it’s not even about us. It’s about the music.

Greg Lake said at our anniversary concert ‘What is great about it is the bringing together of a lot of really great musicians who understand each other. We almost don’t need to speak because we speak through the music and I think that is the beauty of it. You hear a lot of different music, you know, music from all spheres: there is jazz, there is rock, there is soul ballads, you know, a whole mixture of music that is played by one of the best bands you will ever hear. That’s why I do it. It is fun to play in this atmosphere, when the musicians just play for the love of music, really. It is a wonderful feeling.’

Yes, this is miracle from my point of view. It is not about the individual, but about the music and about the people, the ones who make it possible for us, who come with open hearts, who invite us into their souls and who want to look into our souls. This is the real privilege that our audience grants us. We try to say thank you for that with our music, from heart to heart, from soul to soul. less...

About Mandoki Soulmates

The Mandoki Soulmates LIVE on stage
The „Soulmates“ on stage, dedication to art and music – not only for enthusiasts of high-class Rock and Jazzrock. Every single concert is an experience of it´s own, also due to the ever changing line-up. This makes every musician play a little bit different and always creates never before heard versions and solos. This all combines these extraordinary musicians and soloists performing together on stage as one band. more...

The original singers and band leaders of the greatest hits of Rock history together with ultimate Jazzplayers are performing the best Soulmates originals as well as their own bestknown classix.

Unforgettable moments of pure dedication to handmade music.

ONE band, ONE stage, ONE superior line-up less...


The ManDoki Soulmates


Till Brönner

The trumpet player Till Brönner is, next to Klaus Doldinger, one of the most important “jazz ambassadors” of Germany throughout the world. The multiple Echo award winner was nominated for the Grammy Best instrumental Jazz solo in 2009. He has been a close musical friend of Leslie Mandoki for years, and they have performed at many joint concerts.

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During his first recording for the Mandoki Soulmates he played a solo with one of his great models, the multiple Grammy award winner Randy Brecker on the album “Aquarelle”. At the Soulmates concert in Paris, London and Berlin, they will again be together on stage. less...


Chris Thompson

(Manfred Mann’s Earth Band)

Ian Anderson once said about Chris Thompson that he is the “Pavarotti of Rock Music”. The exceptional singer born in Britain and grown up in New Zealand, joined Manfred Mann’s Earth Band in 1973. more...

He sang many of the international hits of the band such as “Blinded By The Light” and “Davy’s On The Road Again”. However, not only as a singer, but also as a songwriter Chris Thompson has caused a sensation all over the world. He wrote, amongst others, the song “You’re The Voice” with which John Farnham had a No. 1 world hit.

For almost 20 years now Chris Thompson has been a permanent member of the Man Doki Soulmates and has marked many of Leslie Mandoki’s songs with his unique voice. less...

Nick van Eede

(Cutting Crew)

The Brit Nicholas “Nick” van Eede is the founder and brain of the British cult band Cutting Crew. As a composer and outstanding singer, he has had world hits such as “(I Just) Died In Your Arms” and “I’ve Been In Love Before”.

nickvaneede_mandoki_soulmates more...

For more than ten years Nick van Eede has been a singer of the Soulmates. With his charismatic and powerful voice, he has marked many Mandoki songs on the Soulmates albums. During numerous Man Doki concerts around the world Nick van Eede has been an established feature. less...


Randy Brecker

Randy Brecker is considered to be the best jazz fusion trumpet player in the world and is a living legend. Musically rooted in jazz, he achieves every border crossing to rock without any effort; Randy Brecker has not only played with jazz virtuosos but also with artists of other genres from Stevie Wonder, Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen to Frank Zappa. more...

He is the co-founder of excellent jazz rock bands such as Blood, Sweat & Tears and Larry Coryell’s The Eleventh House. In 1975 he founded together with his brother Michael the “Brecker Brothers” who won immediately two Grammy Awards.

In Leslie Mandoki’s Soulmates project Randy Brecker has been a member from the outset in 1991 together with his brother who died in 2007. Since then Randy has not only played on all the Man Doki albums but ha also performed on stage at numerous big cast and acoustic concerts Leslie Mandoki and the Soulmates.

ncerts. less...

Tony Carey


Tony Carey, who is simply referred to as “TC” by many, has been a discovery of Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, who recruited the blessed young Hammond player Carey in 1975 for his then “new” band Rainbow.

tonycarey_mandoki_soulmates more...

Tony Carey who became internationally known with the biggest successes of Rainbow; he worked later on as a musician and producer with Joe Cocker, Eric Burdon and John Mayall. In the German speaking countries Tony Carey also had a chart success with the song “Room With A View” and became famous through his co-operations with Peter Maffay.

It was Peter Maffay who introduced “TC” more than ten years ago to the Soulmates band of his friend Leslie Mandoki. Since then the grandiose Hammond player and exceptional singer has been a permanent member of the Man Doki Soulmates productions and live concerts. less...


John Helliwell


John Helliwell became known as saxophonist of Supertramp, which has sold so far more than 60 million albums all over the world. more...

The sound aesthetics of Supertramp were marked by the unique saxophone play of the exceptional musician Helliwell, who even used skilfully the clarinet in rock music. With his musicality and the melodious signatures of his play, he conferred that certain something upon the songs which turned so many Supertramp pieces into world hits.

For more than ten years John Helliwell has been a permanent member of the Man Doki Soulmates, both during the album productions and during the live concerts. less...

Al Di Meola


Al Di Meola is also one of the “founding fathers” of Leslie Mandoki’s Soulmates project and has been on board since the first album. Al di Meola was one of the youngest Grammy award winners in the world for the best jazz performance. His co-operation with Chick Corea in the Return to forever band and his solo album Elegant Gipsy are legendary.

aldimeola_mandoki_soulmates more...

Since then Al di Meola has been a constant No. 1 jazz guitarist around the world.

His live album Friday Night in San Francisco, together with John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia, was likewise known throughout the world.

Al di Meola has been a friend of Leslie Mandoki of many years. As a founding member of the Man Doki Soulmates he has never missed a Soulmates album since the early 1990s and performed at a large number of concerts with the Soulmates. less...


Bobby Kimball


Bobby Kimball became world famous as a singer and founding member of TOTO and marked many worldwide TOTO hits with his unique voice, including “Africa”, “Rosanna” or “Hold the Line”. With a total of six Grammys, he is one of the most successful and well known singers of our time and a living legend! more...

As a founding member of the Soulmates Project of Leslie Mandoki Bobby Kimball has contributed since the first joint album in the early 1990s to every Soulmates album and has hardly been missing at a live show of the Man Doki Soulmates during all these years. less...

Bill Evans

(Miles Davis Band)

Bill Evans is one of the best jazz and fusion saxophonists in the world.

He began his career in the 1980s side by side with Miles Davis with six joint studio albums and then with John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra. His outstanding skills and his almost boundless musical range were not only demonstrated by Evans in the appearances with jazz legends such as Randy Brecker, John Scofield, Lee Ritenour or Herbie Hancock, but also in crossover projects with Mick Jagger, the Allman Brothers or Willie Nelson.

billevans_mandoki_soulmates more...

24 solo albums and several Grammy nominations have turned him into one of the most successful jazz saxophonists of our time.

Bill Evans has been a permanent member of Leslie Mandoki’s Soulmates since the first Man Doki album in the early 90s; since then he has performed on all Soulmates albums and at numerous live concerts. less...


Béla Szakcsi Lakatos

The pianist Bela Szakcsi Lakatos (or Szakcsi) is one of the greatest Hungarian jazz and JazzRock legends. He studied classical piano at the Bartók Music Academy in Budapest and performed already in the 50s as a jazz musician. He soon took over his own band. In the early 1970s Szakcsi secured the popularity of JazzRock and FusionJazz in Hungary with his band Rákfogó. more...

At that time, he worked already as a teacher of Leslie Mandoki at the Béla Bartók Music Academy in Budapest. When he recruited young Mandoki as a drummer for one of his legendary bands, there was a unique joint performance between the master and the scholar.

More than 40 years later Leslie Mandoki was able to show his gratitude at an open-air concert of the Man Doki Soulmates in Budapest in front of an audience of 30,000, when he invited his former master Szaksci on stage to jam together with the world stars of the Man Doki Soulmates.

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Klaus Doldinger

(Doldinger’s Passport)

Klaus Doldinger is the most prominent and successful jazz musician in Germany.

He performed already in the 1960s modern jazz successfully around the world with the musical virtuosos of his time. With his bands Motherhood and later on Passport he found his way to JazzRock and Fusion. In particular Passport, where Udo Lindenberg played as a drummer, exprienced a huge success in the US and was considered as THE German answer to Weather Report.

klausdoldinger_mandoki_soulmates more...

Klaus Doldinger is also known as a successful composer of film music. Apart from many other songs, the title songs of “Das Boot” and “Tatort” were written by him.

Leslie Mandoki feels himself extremely close to Klaus Doldinger not only because of the musical commonalities. In 1975 Klaus Doldinger established for Leslie Mandoki the first contacts to the Munich jazz and studio scene and hence showed the way to young Mandoki for his musical self-realisation. less...


Cory Henry

With 29 years and two Grammy Awards, Cory Henry is already an absolutely exceptional jazzer on the Hammond B3 and piano. His two studio albums were in the American Billboard charts despite their experimental jazz gospel sound. Apart from the band “Snarky Puppy”, which enjoys a high reputation in the worldwide jazz scene, he also tours with his band “Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles” through America. more...

In March, Cory Henry will be on stage with the Man Doki Soulmates for the first time. less...

David Clayton-Thomas

(Blood, Sweat & Tears)

As the singer of Blood, Sweat & Tears David Clayton-Thomas made a contribution to the history of music in 1969 with songs such as “Spinning Wheel” and “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy”. The Grammy winner is one of the greatest style-forming singers of our times. For many JazzRock lovers he is a living legend and a role model for numerous singers around the world.

davidclaytonthomas_mandoki_soulmates more...

David Clayton-Thomas is a founding member of Leslie Mandoki’s Soulmates Project and has been a permanent member of the band for many Soulmates studio productions and joint live concerts since 1991. less...

Ian Anderson

(Jethro Tull)


Singer and flutist Ian Anderson is the brain of the Progressive Rock band Jethro Tull. He established the concert flute in rock music and had an absolute all-time world rock classic with “Locomotive Breath”.

Ian Anderson_Jethro Tull_Mandoki_Soulmates more...

Ian Anderson has been a member of the Man Doki Soulmates right from the outset like Jack Bruce, Al di Meola, David Clayton-Thomas and Bobby Kimball.

With his unique and characteristic playing of the flute he marked all Man Doki albums and many big cast and also acoustic live concerts. Leslie Mandoki and Ian Anderson typically refer to themselves as “master chef in the musical kitchen”. Two masterminds, two friends – linked not only by music but by a personal, deep friendship of many years. less...

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